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Did you know that Hollywood star Carice Van Houten – who you’ve seen in Game of Thrones or the film Valkyrie playing opposite Tom Cruise – has filmed in Brno? Where did Bolek Polívka meet Karel Gott in the film The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday (Dědictví aneb Kurvahošigutntág), or which villa stood in for the home of Vlasta Burian in the series Bohéma? Did you know that Boredom in Brno was shot almost entirely outside the city? Or which spots in Brno are particular favourites with filmmakers? Places trod time and again by our most famous actors, names like Viktor Preiss, Jiří Langmajer, Martha Issová and Jana Plodková? Do you fancy like checking out these places yourself, comparing them with their appearances in films and popular serials? Then this tour is the perfect one for you!

Unlike the shopping paradise of New York City, you could never make a Sex in the City in Brno, nor does the South Moravian landscape boast mountain scenery that could entice Lord of the Rings away from its New Zealand grandeur, despite which, both Brno and the region do have a lot to offer. One of Brno’s popular locations is the functionalist home Villa Tugendhat and its modernist counterpart, the Stiassni Villa, also the Cejl Street Prison, a building with a troubled history and a powerful genius loci.

Brno’s public spaces are also often caught on film. Many of you will recall scenes from the film The Inheritance or Fuckoffguysgoodday, perhaps the one where Bohuš meets Karel Gott. The city and its surroundings are also used as filming locations for successful serials produced by Česká televize Brno, such as the crime thriller Labyrint or period comedy-drama Četnické humoresky.

Favourite locations in South Moravia also include the country piles at Lednice and Valtice, including their romantic parks. They serve as backdrops for many of the fairy tale films so popular in the Czech Republic (e.g. The Watchmaker’s Apprentice) or period dramas (Maria Theresia). Other top locations include Moravian Karst, where Alice Nellis filmed her fairy tale film Seven Ravens (Sedmero krkavců), and similarly romantic townscapes or landscapes (Mikulov and the nearby Pálava Hills, respectively).

A professional service for filmmakers is delivered by the Brno Film Office (Filmová kancelář Brno), which opens up Brno and its surroundings as attractive places for creating audio-visual productions and actively collaborates with filmmakers during the filming process. The South Moravian Film Fund also offers support for audio-visual works shot in the South Moravian Region (SMR), and together with the Film Office is working to create a ‘film friendly’ region.

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