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Brno boasts many famous architectural jewels as well as ‘diamonds in the rough’. Explore the gems that have graced this city over the last 100 years.

First, stop off at two Art Nouveau villas that are among the top works of their kind in the world. After Jurkovičova vila (the Jurkovič House) and the Löw-Beer Villa, take a look at several already legendary functionalist buildings: the Tugendhat Villa, the Stiassni Villa, the Avion Hotel, and the restored Zemanova kavárna (Zeman Café). Keep an eye out for the sacred buildings of Brno, among which Husův sbor (the Czechoslovak Hussite Church building) in Botanická Street and the Agudas Achim synagogue in Křenová Street stand out. The International Hotel was built in the post-functionalist style, boasting what is called a ‘Brussels-style’ interior. The building of Univerzita obrany (the University of Defence) is also worth checking out, as is the remarkable Moravská zemská knihovna (Moravian Library) right next to it. And tucked away near the city centre, you can find a passive house called Otevřená zahrada (the Open Gardens).

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