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  • Passive house and garden in the centre of the city

  • Great for relaxing, learning, and having fun

  • Czech Energetic and Ecological Project 2012

An educational garden and ecological construction trends

The Open Gardens is an education and consulting centre run by Nadace Partnerství (the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation). Designed by the architects Adam Halíř and Ondřej Hofmeister, it has two parts: a unique passive house with a green roof and an educational trail leading across a sloping plot with various plants.

The flat-roofed rectangular building works as an open structure. Numerous plants climb its facade, harmoniously merging with the surrounding garden. It is the first building designed to meet the passive-house energy standards in the Czech Republic.

The garden, designed by architect Lucie Komendová, forms a significant part of the whole project. It contains 12 artistic installations representing natural elements and phenomena. The garden is a nice place to relax as well as a centre for environmental education and social events.

Address and contact

Údolní 33
30200 Brno

+420 515 903 111