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If you like to learn a thing or two (on your travels), discover new things and broaden your horizons as well as try some experiments, then Brno is the right place for you to visit.

Brno resonates with science. It is home to a number of scientific institutions and research centres, as well as 13 universities. On top of that, science plays an active role in positively shaping local cultural and social life; several educational institutions in the city bring science closer to the general public in an easy-to-understand and attractive way all year long.

The six most important of these institutions in Brno joined forces to form CEITEC, a research centre to rival even the best in Europe. The South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) ensures support for people developing their businesses and #brnoregion shows that this city is a good address for innovation business, research, and development.

It’s no wonder that so numerous companies changing the world through their IT innovations, their research of the universe or their exploration of the microworld all come from this area. Among other things, the capital of South Moravia is a leader in global electron microscopy, with over 30% of electron microscopes in the world being produced here. Nowhere else in Europe offers such a dense concentration of companies and scientific institutes dealing in this discipline.

Brno is also known as a university city, and rightly so. The city’s 13 universities with 34 faculties with over 65 thousand students have created a population of 282 students per square kilometre. There are public universities, such as Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU), Masaryk University, Mendel University, Brno University of Technology (VUT), University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, and University of Defence, and several private universities as well.

What’s special about Brno is that science is not something that only happens behind the closed doors of scientific institutions. The efforts of several organizations and projects have made it accessible to almost anyone, allowing it heavily influence life in the city. Brno is the city of Leoš Janáček and Gregor Johann Mendel as well as Ernst Mach and Karel Absolon. Another famous man born in Brno is Adolf Loos, while Bohuslav Fuchs and Dušan Jurkovič also made their mark on the city’s history.

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium has created an attractive, fun map of Brno showing what’s definitely worth visiting in Brno. The places and personalities are divided into five basic circuits: “Physics, chemistry and engineering”, “Archaeology, geology and palaeontology”, “Biology and ecology, History and architecture”, and “Arts and culture”. The map groups famous places throughout the city in interesting and fun ways, so the Brno underground is right next to Villa Tugendhat, the Faculty of Chemistry, and the SAKO Brno Envirocentre. Each entry contains useful information, contact details, and opening hours. The map also contains information on the establishment and development of Brno, along with other interesting facts and, of course, an actual map.

Science is within reach year-round in Brno, thanks not only to this special observatory with its unique 3D planetarium, but also to the VIDA! science and fun centre which receives over 250 thousand visitors a year. Other places of interest are Mendelianum, the Technical Museum, the Mendel Museum of Masaryk University and the Open Gardens of the Partnership Foundation.

In addition to permanent programs of individual scientific and entertaining institutions, several events and festivals are scheduled for 2019 that will bring together the sciences, arts, and fun. “Mendel is…” or “Night of Science” are among the most popular.

Days of Electron Microscopy (Dny elektronové mikroskopie) (March 6–10)

The development and the production of electron microscopes both have a long tradition in Brno. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a dense concentration of companies and scientific institutes dealing in this industry. This festival full of educational excursions, lectures, and fun for both children and adults brings this discipline closer to the general public.

Open House Brno (April 13–14)

For the second time, the doors to interesting buildings and places in Brno will open to the public with free admission. Visitors will have an opportunity to find out what local jewels of architecture look like inside, what local administrative, technical and scientific buildings look like and what has been preserved from historical industrial buildings.

Let’s Celebrate Together. 120 Years of Brno University of Technology (Pojďme slavit spolu. 120 let VUT) (May 25)

A day for the graduates, students as well as employees of the university. Visitors can look forward to various concerts and a light show. Also an open day at all the faculties and university sites.

Fulldome Festival Brno 2019 & DigiFest (June 3–9)

The greatest show of the latest films for digital planetariums in the world. The special-format films in English will be projected on a hemisphere-shaped screen with a diameter of 17 meters.

MENDELU Days (Dny MENDELU) (June 8–15)

Open days at MENDELU as the institution celebrates 100 years since its establishment.,

Festival MUNI 100 (June 15)

The finale of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Masaryk University. A unique and lively event, an afternoon full of music, fun, and excellent cuisine, following a graduation day at the faculties. At a special festive ceremony, 100 medals will be awarded to major university graduates. There will be concerts on three stages, theatre performances and film projections as well as presentations of faculties and sites.

Mendel is… (Mendel je…) (July 19–21)

A festival dedicated to Johann Gregor Mendel, one of the most famous personalities of Brno. Mendel was a knowledgeable and truly Renaissance man, making it fitting that this festival to celebrate and remember him is a multi-genre, professional as well as entertaining event and connects science, arts and the spirit of community.

Science Festival (Festival vědy) (September 6–7)

Science is not boring! This show will present a number of technological innovations from scientific and research institutions, both local and global.

Night of Science (Noc vědců) (September 27)

Local universities, museums as well as science centres will open their mysterious chambers to you, the public. This event takes place across the entire Czech Republic and aims to popularize sciences with the hope of getting people more involved in them. An opportunity for visitors to play, learn, test, and explore this fascinating world.

International Engineering Fair (Mezinárodní strojírenský veletrh) (October 7–11)

The most important industrial trade fair in central Europe, during which all the key areas of engineering and electrical engineering industries will be represented. A must-see program.

Week of Science and Technology (Týden vědy a techniky AV ČR) (November)

The Week of Science and Technology is the largest festival of science in the Czech Republic and is organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences, with over 500 events taking place all over the country. Free admission.

Prototyp Festival (November)

A traditional event taking place in Brno every autumn which connects arts, sciences and technology and creates a platform for artists and technology geeks from various fields to cooperate. It is packed with audio-visual shows, fashion performances, interactive installations as well as professional workshops and lectures.

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