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Children love to have fun and Brno is ready for them! Choose from lots of attractions to entertain all age groups so they won’t have any time at all to get bored.

If you need to wear your kids out, there are several sporting activities to choose from. They can enjoy the Junglepark, the Proud (Stream) rope course, the recreational park at Olympia, or the huge Bongo and Bruno playrooms. For more educational fun, the VIDA! Science Centre, observatory and Otevřená zahrada (the Open Gardens) are great choices. Technické muzeum v Brně (the Brno Technical Museum), Modelový svět (the World of Models), and the garden railway in Obřany are other fantastic destinations.

If you want to see some animals, you can go to Tyršův Park, where they keep goats, or to Lužánky, where you can watch adorable little piglets. In the Holedná Deer Park you can see and feed fallow deer or you can pet llamas at the Hády Llama Centre. If your kids wish to see even more exotic creatures, you can take them to the zoo at Mniší hora (Monk’s Hill).

Adults are very likely to enjoy these places too!

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