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Brno isn’t only monuments, culture, and food. It’s a city with nature merely a stone’s throw away. Instead of having to travel dozens of kilometres for a trip, you can just hop on public transit.

There’s a lot of natural beauty in the area right around Brno. You can find some along educational trails (ETs) that ensure you won’t miss out on anything interesting. In addition to info panels, you’ll find other amenities along your walk, such as benches, gazebos, climbing walls for kids, and forest wells.

The ETs near Brno will show you truly amazing things. Under the Brno hill of Hády, for example, you’ll find an enchanting limestone pond. The wooded hills of the Holedná Forest Enclosure among Kohoutovice, Bystrc, and Žebětín offer a unique chance to meet wild animals. Several trails lead through the enclosure, and you might find mouflon, follow deer, and red deer roaming freely. Brno has natural riches it can be proud of compared to the rest of the world. Near Kamenný vrch is a meadow that every spring is covered in a purple carpet of greater pasque flowers. Because it has many thousands of clusters of these flowers, Kamenný vrch has become a world leader in them.

A very specific ET follows the footsteps of Leoš Janáček to acquaint you with this globally recognized composer at 18 locations in Brno.

Another specific ET is the Školní naučná stezka ZŠ Tuháčkova (Tuháčkova Primary School ET). You can visit the history of Brno’s Komárov and the local environment via a short walk through the grounds of the Tuháčkova 25 Primary School.


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