Tourist card BRNOPAS

Official tourist card that saves you money and chooses the best of Brno and South Moravia.

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Enjoy Brno with BRNOPAS benefits!


Choose from one to three days of validity for adults or children under 16. You can also buy each type of BRNOPAS with a ticket to Villa Tugendhat.

1 day
BasicCZK 290/190*
With the villa CZK 690/440*
2 days
BasicCZK 390/290*
With the villa CZK 790/540*
3 days
BasicCZK 490/350*
With the villa CZK 890/600*
*discounted admission for children under 16.

Villa Tugendhat with BRNOPAS

The most famous Brno villa is the only Czech landmark of modern architecture designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s not easy to get in on a tour. That is, if you don’t have a BRNOPAS. That gets you in!

You can buy a BRNOPAS with a ticket to Villa Tugendhat online or in person at an information centre and other points of sale.


Free with a BRNOPAS

  • BRNOPAS brochure
  • Official city guide
  • A Brno postcard
  • These materials are available at any of our points of sale