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Tourist card BRNOPAS

BRNOPAS - a guide to Brno that saves you money.

The BRNOPAS tourist card:

  • Shows you around the city and chooses the most interesting places for you;
  • Provides interesting discounts and free admission to the 5 TOP places (gardens at Brno villas, Old Town Hall tower, Brno underground, Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, and the Brno Zoo);
  • Saves you time and money and is your free ticket on city transportation!
  • TIP! Skip the line in front of Villa Tugendhat and take a tour today!

Choose from one to three days of validity and decide whether to upload the information onto your payment card or onto a card you can borrow at one of our points of sale.

Show the BRNOPAS tourist card at the entrance and get in for free or get an interesting discount.

Each BRNOPAS includes a FREE ticket on Brno city transportation (zones 100 + 101 without train), always valid for the same period as type of BRNOPAS you choose.

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Besides the discounts, your BRNOPAS purchase also includes useful materials.

What you’ll get:

1. BRNOPAS brochure
2. Official city guide
3. A Brno postcard
These materials are available at any of our points of sale.

Would you like to know more? Download the brochure HERE


Places to buy your BRNOPAS

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