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Join us in exploring the history of the Brno underground – so deep, dark, and expansive that it takes six different tours to shed some proper light on it.

Underground reservoirs in Žlutý kopec – mysterious underground cathedral likened to Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern is a new place to discover.

Labyrint pod Zelným trhem (the Labyrinth under the Vegetable Market) is a network of Baroque cellars that primarily served as storage spaces for their owners and local merchants and as shelters during wartime. After descending 212 stairs down into the darkness, you can look forward to an alchemist’s laboratory as well as an exhibit demonstrating food storage and featuring a pillory and a cage of fools. Scared yet? Just relax! You can even enjoy a sip of Moravian wine at special events held occasionally in the wine cellar or in the period tavern.

Can’t get enough of history? Or maybe you’re fascinated by how things used to work? Then a visit to Mincmistrovský sklep (the Mint Master’s Cellar) will be perfect for you! This exhibit shows the forgotten craft of mintage in Brno and Moravia, as well as the development of today’s Dominikánské náměstí (Dominican Square) and the city of Brno.

Does death intrigue you? Then don’t miss Kostnice u sv. Jakuba (the Ossuary at the Church of St James), which is the second-largest ossuary in Europe after the catacombs of Paris. This place of reverence, with over 50,000 thousand bodies as well as other archaeological findings once entombed there, will show you how people were buried in the past.

Come explore a real nuclear shelter! Kryt 10-Z (10-Z Bunker), dug deep into the rock under Špilberk Castle, was once intended to serve as a shelter for up to 500 people. Fortunately, it never had to be used for that purpose. This significant historical technical building has its own water tank, diesel unit, and a telephone exchange. Upon entering you’ll be given a map, so you can explore the labyrinthine tunnels yourself.

Don’t forget also to visit underground reservoirs in Žlutý kopec – they won the first place in the Tourist News 2020 poll on the kudyznudy.cz website!

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