Hop a boat across the reservoir

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  • Almost 10 scenic kilometres across the water

  • One single-deck and five double-deck boats

  • All boats run on eco-friendly electric engines

Operated in summer by the Brno Public Transport Authority

The first regular trips started on 5 May 1946 following the route of Bystrc – Kozí horka – Sokolské koupaliště – Osada – Rokle – Obora – Zouvalka – Veveří Castle and back. In 1948–1949, the route was extended to Mečkov and Veverská Bítýška. The new boats Lipsko [Leipzig], Utrecht, and Vídeň [Vienna] are named after Brno’s partner cities, and there are also older boats named Brno, Dallas, and Veveří. The whole route is almost 10 kilometres long and takes about 70 minutes.

During the trip, passengers can enjoy views of a narrow rocky gorge, Veveří Castle, and a lot of water birds in the narrower part of the reservoir. The boats sailing across the Brno reservoir are powered by electrical engines, which is very ecological, prevents air and water pollution caused by oil products, and generates no extra noise in this recreational area.

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