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  • Brno Observatory and Planetarium with a science walk

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, courts, and playgrounds

  • Ideal place to relax, play sports, and enjoy picnics

A large park with an amazing view of Brno

Kraví hora offers quite a lot of options for relaxing not far from the city centre. A major part of this hill is covered by private gardens that you can walk among via narrow paths. The Brno Observatory and Planetarium is located on the top of the hill and features an interesting science trail with freely accessible attractions, such as a 3D scanner, telescopes, and planetary scales. The slope under the observatory is often occupied by people who come to relax, have picnics, and enjoy sports. If there’s snow, it’s a perfect place to go sledging; when the wind is blowing, a lot of locals come kite flying with their kids. There is a public barbecue set nearby and a biotope pond under the slope, not far from the functionalist Church of St Augustine.

To the south-east is a playground with an artificial pitch and a pub, as well as a dog exercise area. Right next to this is a sports and relaxation centre with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, two more playgrounds with artificial grass, and beach volleyball courts. Even further to the south is a big children’s playground and a baseball pitch. The hill offers beautiful views of large parts of Brno.