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  • Theatre for opera and ballet; 1,383 seat capacity

  • Mrštík brothers sculpture by Vincenc Makovský

  • Water curtain in the park in front of the theatre

When opened, this was the biggest theatre in Czechoslovakia

In the mid-1960s, this was the biggest and technologically best-equipped theatre building in Czechoslovakia. Designed by architect Jan Víšek, this opera and ballet theatre featured all the necessary artistic, social, and technical facilities. In addition to the stage and auditorium designed as an arena with a circle of boxes above it, there are dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, offices, workshops, and warehouses, as well as a restaurant, a café, and a theatre club. The area in front of the theatre was renovated in 2015 to serve as a relaxation area with a unique light fountain. The theatre is surrounded by interesting sculptures, such as the group sculpture of the Mrštík brothers by Vincenc Makovský and the statue of Leoš Janáček by Stanislav Hanzl.

Currently, the theatre is undergoing extensive renovations. The opera and ballet ensembles have found temporary alternative venues, performing mainly in Mahenovo divadlo (the Mahen Theatre). The renovated building of the Janáček Theatre, which seats almost 1,400 visitors, is set to reopen in 2018.

Address and contact

Rooseveltova 31/7
60200 Brno

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