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  • Under Czech cultural heritage protection

  • Name tied to the adjacent Sokol movement centre

  • Remade in the 1990s based on a project by Ivan Otruba

A public park located where a city cemetery used to be

Along today’s Kounicova Street, between Antonínská and Sušilova, is an area that was a large cemetery between 1785 and 1883. The burial site was shut down and the remains moved to the new Central Cemetery (Ústřední hřbitov); part of the site was converted into a park in 1908–1912. You can sit down and relax in this peaceful oasis, visit the several goats that are kept there, experience a flowerbed for the blind, and let your children enjoy the local playground. Only a cast-iron cross from 1847 remains here from the original cemetery. In 1969, the city added a tombstone for General Valhubert, who was buried here after the Battle of Austerlitz.

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