Brno-jih Natural Swimming Pool (Přírodní koupací biotop Brno-jih)

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  • Chlorine-free water

  • Divided into sections for swimmers, non-swimmers, and small children

  • A pleasant place close to the Svratka River

The first natural outdoor swimming pool in Brno.

These relaxation grounds with a natural swimming pool were built on the right bank of the Svratka River in 2014. The water in this natural pool is treated only naturally, using algae, water plants, and microorganisms in its gravel bed, so there are no chemical agents used!

The oval body of water, fed by two wells, is divided into sections for swimmers and non-swimmers, and it covers an area of 2,750 m2. It is 1.5 metres deep in the non-swimming section and up to 3 metres deep in the section for swimmers; each section is equipped with a large wooden pier. It is connected with a wading pool for children that features various fun elements made of stainless steel. There is a beach volleyball court, outdoor showers, changing booths, restrooms, and a kiosk selling refreshments.

The maximum daily capacity is 2,500 visitors; there can be up to 900 people at any one time. Not far from the pool is a farm, Jižanský dvorek, that keeps various animals.

Address and contact

K Lávce 749/13
619 00 Brno

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