Moravian Bank / now Komerční Bank, (Moravská banka / Komerční banka)

  • Replaced the previously demolished Kounic Palace

  • Created a lot of controversy at the time

  • Open to the public with opalised glass facade

A functionalist building located on náměstí Svobody.

In 1928, the board of directors of Moravian Bank decided that a new building should be constructed on the site of the demolished Kounicův palác (Kounic Palace). The job went to Bohuslav Fuchs and Ernst Wiesner, whose designs won the competition. The building, which featured a wide commercial passage, substantially influenced the look of Brno’s main square, as a vertically segmented curtain made of opalised glass suddenly appeared among the existing historic facades, sparking considerable controversy. This unique functionalist building is open to the public during the office hours of Komerční Bank, which now occupies the building. The two-level interior central hall is illuminated by a ceiling made of glass and concrete.

Address and contact

náměstí Svobody 19
60200 Brno

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Moravian Bank (now Komerční Bank)

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