Mendel’s Greenhouse

  • The genius loci where the scientific field of genetics was born

  • An extraordinary space that connects science, faith, and culture

  • Unique architecture created by CHYBIK+KRISTOF

This outstanding location, which links history together with the present and future, as it also does science and faith, was created on the foundations of Mendel’s original greenhouse within the grounds of the Augustinian abbey.

Of the original greenhouse in which Gregor Johann Mendel carried out his experiments, only the foundations survived. The new Mendel’s Greenhouse, the work of CHYBIK+KRISTOF ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS s.r.o., copies the original layout and orientation. It is erected in precisely the same space where G. J. Mendel conducted his experiments with peas in the 19th century, and thereby laid the foundations of genetics. The site houses a permanent exhibition devoted to Mendel’s legacy, while also hosting conferences, lectures, banquets, exhibitions, and concerts. First and foremost, today, as in earlier days, peas are grown here: symbolically so and using cutting-edge methods – in aeroponic pots – in honour of the discoveries made by this eminent Brno citizen. The pea plant, which through the abbot and genius scientist G. J. Mendel, formed the very root of genetics.

Opening hours

mon: closed
tue–sun: 10:00–18:00

mon: closed
tue–sun: 10:00–17:00

Entrance fee

Only as part of a guided tour (200 CZK per hour in CZE / 250 CZK per hour in ENG/GER)

Full price 100 CZK

Reduced price 80 CZK

Address and contact

Mendlovo nám. 1a
603 00 Brno

+420 549 496 669

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