Alfa pasáž (Alfa Passage)

  • A functionalist passage by Bohuslav Fuchs

  • The unmistakable atmosphere of the First Republic

  • Location of popular events, such as flea markets

A functionalist passage with the atmosphere of the First Republic.

The mutlifunctional Alfa palace lies on the corner of Jánská and Poštovská streets and connects to buildings on náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) through a passage. The grandly conceived block of flats with a shopping arcade was built by František Hrdina according to plans originally by Bohuslav Fuchs and later modified. The eight-storey building was worked on in various phases until 1937, but the Alfa basement cinema, where the HaDivadlo theater now is, began showing films in 1932.

The complex comprises a one-storey shopping hall with a gallery and skylights. Eight exits lead from the passage to the residential area with about 180 flats. Metro Music Bar sits underground, while the passage has several shops and cafes.

Address and contact

Poštovská 8c
602 00 Brno

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Alfa pasáž (Alfa Passage)

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