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  • Brno’s newest church

  • It earned the nickname a rainbow church

  • Designed by architect Marek Štěpán

Brno’s newest church was built thanks to the financial donations of the faithful in the Lesná housing estate in Brno.

It is a concrete building with a circular ground plan designed by the architect Marek Štěpán with a tower next to it, on which the chimes are placed. It consists of 16 bells, which were blessed in December 2019 by Bishop Vojtěch Cikrle of Brno. Construction of the church began in 2017 next to the original spiritual centre, and the foundation stone for the church was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Brno in 2009.

The new Roman Catholic church is dedicated to the Brno native, Blessed Mary Restituta. In addition to the bells, you will also find the Greek inscription FOS – ZOE (translated as LIGHT – LIFE) on the tower. The tower is connected to the church by a footbridge. It is accessible as a lookout tower, as its upper platform provides a distant view.
The façade of the church is decorated with symbols created by the artist Petr Kvíčala. They represent creation (e.g. water, fire), nature (e.g. flower, grape, lizard) and human activity (e.g. heart, screaming child, theatre mask, scooter, pint of beer). The upper part of the church is illuminated with stained glass, which creates an impressive effect on the slightly convex ceiling inside. The evening lighting of the church is particularly magical.

Address and contact

Nezvalova 895/13
63800 Brno

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