• Television mini-series about First Republic actors

  • Golden era of the studios in Barrandov

  • Filmed on location in Brno: Stiassni Villa as the villa of Vlasta Burian


The six-part mini-series Bohéma captures both the splendour and poverty in and around the film industry under two totalitarian regimes, from 1938–1953. Inspiration came from the various fates of our leading First Republic actors and actresses – Zdeňek Štěpánek, Vlasta Burian, Oldřich Nový and others. It lifts the lid on Czechoslovakia’s studios at Barrandov, which in their day were among the most modern in Europe. The giants of the silver screen all played in motion pictures shot here. These figures are the principal leads in a series that seeks to grapple with the question how, in the course of 15 years, the country could be transformed from being a proud democracy into a fearful totalitarian society.

  • Television serial
  • Czech Republic / 2017
  • Filmed in Brno: Stiassni Villa
  • photos courtesy of: Česká televize
  • screenplay: Tereza Brdečková
  • direction: Robert Sedláček
  • starring: Michal Dlouhý, Vladimír Javorský, Jaroslav Plesl, Alexandr Rašilov, Judit Bárdos, David Novotný and others


Vila Stiassni

The Stiassni Villa was erected in 1927–1929 according to a design by the illustrious Brno architect Ernst Wiesner for the family of Jewish textile magnate Alfred Stiassni. Ultimately, Alfred, his wife and daughter lived here just nine years before the entire family were forced to flee in the face of imminent Nazi occupation. For many people, the villa became subconsciously associated with the Czechoslovak government after it was visited by Edvard Beneš. Later it was used to accommodate famous and important state guests: Cuban president Fidel Castro stayed here, as well as most Czech presidents, for example. The villa was officially opened to the public on 13 December 2014.


During the series, Vladimír Javorský as Vlasta Burian takes a dip in his swimming pool. Unfortunately for the actor, filming took place in May and the water was ice-cold. Vladimír Javorský put on a bravura performance, however, and you wouldn’t know he was shivering with cold.

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Vila Stiassni

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