Labyrint II (Labyrinth II)

  • Second run of the successful mystery/crime series

  • Jiří Langmajer, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Jan Hájek, Michal Dalecký, and more

  • Filmed in Brno: AZ Tower, Villa Stiassni (vila Stiassni), Czech Television Brno (Česká televize Brno), Hotel International, Public Spa in Zábrdovice (Městské lázně Zábrdovice), Brno Reservoir (Brněnská přehrada), and more


The second run of the successful crime series from director Jiří Strach. Brno detectives lead by Major Remeš investigate another very difficult and complicated serial murder case. The second series takes place in Brno and the surroundings and is connected to a secret mystic organization.

  • Mystery/crime/drama
  • Czech Republic, 2017
  • Filmed in Brno: AZ Tower, Brno Reservoir (Brněnská přehrada), University Hospital Brno (Fakultní nemocnice Brno) Bohunice and Obilní trh, Brno University of Technology (Vysokého učení technického v Brně ), city walls, Academy of Sciences (Akademie věd), Villa Stiassni (Vila Stiassni), Typos Arcade (pasáž Typos), Public Spa in Zábrdovice (Městské lázně Zábrdovice), Hotel International, Central Cemetery (Ústřední hřbitov), Bulín Villa (Bulínova vila), Main Train Station (hlavní nádraží), former Zbrojovka factory, Tuřany Airport (Letiště Tuřany), Galerie Dílo, Night Club Angel, Spielberk Café, Spolek Café (kavárna Spolek), Poslední leč, Café Aromathique, East Village Bar & Diner, Bar Runway, klub Lastura, Charlie’s Square microbrewery on Římské náměstí, 7. Nebe, Czech Television Brno (Česká televize Brno)
  • Filmed in South Moravia: Kuřim – streets, Kord Hostel (ubytovna Kord); Nebovidy – villa neighbourhood, Hoštice Chateau (Zámek Hoštice); Moravské Knínice – surroundings; Dolní Kounice – Rosa Coeli Monastery (Klášter Rosa Coeli); Vranov – streets and houses; Říčany u Brna – Hotel Kobero; Jamolice – ruins of Templštejn Castle and surroundings; Kuřim and surroundings; Rosice – square and surroundings
  • Photo credit: Czech Television Brno (Česká televize Brno)
  • Written by: Petr Hudský
  • Directed by: Jiří Strach
  • Staring: Jiří Langmajer, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Jan Hájek, Michal Dalecký, Zuzana Kajnarová, Miroslav Donutil, Martin Donutil, Jiří Dvořák, Pavel Kříž, Jan Meduna, Barbora Munzarová, Martin Myšička, Adam Vacula, Jiří Štěpnička, Zdena Herfortová, Regina Rázlová, Viktor Preiss, Jan Šťastný, Alois Švehlík, Aneta Vrzalová, Jana Stryková, Radomír Švec, Miroslav Etzler, and more



The tallest building in the Czech Republic, the AZ Tower was built during 2011–2013 based on a design by the Burian–Křivinka architecture firm. It stands 111 metres tall and has 30 above-ground and 2 below-ground storeys. On the first three above-ground storeys is a shopping centre, then comes commercial space, and on the top seven storeys are luxury apartments.

Vila Stiassni

The Stiassni Villa was erected in 1927–1929 according to a design by the illustrious Brno architect Ernst Wiesner for the family of Jewish textile magnate Alfred Stiassni. Ultimately, Alfred, his wife and daughter lived here just nine years before the entire family were forced to flee in the face of imminent Nazi occupation. For many people, the villa became subconsciously associated with the Czechoslovak government after it was visited by Edvard Beneš. Later it was used to accommodate famous and important state guests: Cuban president Fidel Castro stayed here, as well as most Czech presidents, for example. The villa was officially opened to the public on 13 December 2014.

Hotel International

The modern and timeless Hotel International, standing proudly in the centre of town opposite Špilberk Park, is one of the most important and best-preserved structures of the so-called ‘Brussel’s Style’ (inspired by EXPO 58) in the Czech Republic. It was built in 1959–1962 according to a design by Arnošt Krejza and Miloš Kramoliš, who drew upon the earlier 1957 plans of architect Vilém Kuba. The eleven-storey building is infused with the style of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, and also contains elements of late functionalism. It opened its doors for business in 1962, and in 2013 was awarded the status of cultural monument.

Brno Reservoir (Brněnská přehrada)

With the building of the dam on the Svratka River, the valley with the municipality of Kníničky was flooded. The Brno Reservoir was originally intended to serve as a water supply for Brno. It’s now used for recreation and a source of electricity. The idea oto build a reservoir on the Svratka started under Austria–Hungary but wasn’t implemented until 1936–1940. The dam was built during an economic crisis. The goal was to employ as many workers as possible while using as little machinery as possible. It now runs almost 10 km from Veverská Bítýška to Brno-Bystrc and covers 259 ha. Most of the area around the reservoir is part of the Podkomorské lesy Nature Park.

Czech Television Brno (Česká televize Brno)

The Brno studio of Czech Television is considered the most modern television production facility in the Czech Republic. The pride of the Líšeň facility is the modern newsroom with its own studio which broadcasts Události v regionech (Regional News) daily, makes live reports for ČT24, and films many other programmes, including Týden v regionech (The Week in the Regions), Regiony 24 (Regions 24), and Týden v justici (The Week in Justice).

Public Spa in Zábrdovice (Městské lázně Zábrdovice)

Construction of the Public Spa in Zábrdovice began in 1931 based on a design by the famous functionalist architect Bohuslav Fuchs. The spa was open year round. Today, only the exterior is open to the public as a summer swimming pool as the summer spa was renovated during the 1990s. The winter spa met a sadder fate. People last entered its pools in the 1990s, and they’re currently unusable.

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