Church of St. John and Loreto

The Church of St. John has been an inseparable part of the city of Brno since the 13th century even if its shape was changing during centuries, especially in the Baroque period after a reconstruction made by Moric Grimm.

The church has one nave with a prolonged chancel which has been typical of mendicant orders, including Minorites, since the Middle Ages. The internal decoration is a work by Johan Georg Schauberger and Johan Georg Etgens. The main altar is decorated by Josef Stern’s painting Adoration of the Virgin Mary. The Loreto chapel is a building imitating the Holy House in Loreto, Italy. It is the place of the annunciation of the Virgin Mary and the life of the Holy Family. There is a replica of the Black Madonna of Loreto on the altar. The Loreto chapel includes the Holy Stairs, a copy of the Jerusalem steps which Jesus Christ stood on when being led to Pilate. The statues in the Loreto chapel were made by J. G. Schauberger and the painting in the cupola celebrating the Virgin Mary is a work by F. G. I. Eckstein.

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