Church Of Saint Johns And Loreto Chapel

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Since the 13th century, the Church of Saints John the Evangelist and John the Baptist has been a dominant building in Brno, even though it has changed, mainly in the Baroque period and after the reconstruction led by architect Moritz Grimm. The church has one nave with a prolonged chancel, typical of mendikant orders, including the Minorites, since the Middle Ages. After all, the Minorites are the oldest order to have been active in Brno at a single place without interruption – a period of almost 800 years.

Apart from this church, major architect Moritz Grimm built the Loreto Chapel – an imitation of the house of the Holy Family. And several years later it was Grimm once again who led the project of a new church to be built over the Loreto Chapel. It contains the Holy Stairs, a copy of the stairs from Jerusalem, which Jesus climbed to reach Pilate.

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