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Jan Amos Comenius Church (Kostel J. A. Komenského)

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  • Generally known as Červený kostel (the Red Church)

  • First large non-Catholic Christian church in Brno

  • Good acoustics for concerts of spiritual music

This evangelical church was built in the Brick Gothic style

The church is nicknamed the Red Church after the bricks used to build it. Its foundation stone was laid on 7 September 1863, and the church was ceremoniously opened four years later. The building was designed by the Viennese architect Heinrich Ferstel, influenced by the Brick Gothic style, using bricks with stone details and no plaster. Its longitudinal hall and axially situated portal tower are in tribute to the tradition of Northern German Protestant churches. It is 45 metres long and its tower is 50 metres high. In accordance with Protestant traditions, its interior is plain and simple. Its sparse decorations include sculptures by Franz Schönthaler.

When completed, the church was called a ‘memorial of the liberal spirit’ of Brno. It became the first large non-Catholic Christian church in Brno. Its fine acoustics make it a frequent venue for concerts of spiritual music.

Address and contact

Komenského nám. 218/4
60200 Brno

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