Sono centrum

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  • A boldly designed building, opened in 2014

  • Perfect acoustics in a modern, comfortable interior

  • Versatile cultural space with restaurant and hotel

A club with 700 seats and space for 1,200 standing visitors

Sono Centrum is one of the highest-quality music clubs in Europe as well as a hotel and a restaurant with services to match. The club boasts an interesting multi-genre schedule. The unconventional design of its new building is intensified by the exceptional comfort of the interior and top-quality technical equipment, while the music hall itself delivers the perfect acoustic experience. The hall has three floors with two big balconies and four bars, a very large stage for even the biggest bands and orchestras, a dance floor, high-performance air conditioning, and facilities for performers that have more than enough space and are appropriately equipped. At the same time, it retains a ‘club feel’, providing more intimate interaction between visitors and their favorite performers.

The interior of the club can be modified to serve for all kinds of activities, such as concerts, dance nights, festivals, television broadcasting, theatre performances and film screenings, audio and video recordings for the public, conferences, trainings, and more.

Address and contact

Veveří 113
61600 Brno

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