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  • Called ‘Prigl’ by the locals, previously Knínice dam

  • Part of the Podkomorské lesy nature park

  • Pedestrian and cyclist bridge to Veveří Castle

An ideal place for sports, relaxation, and recreation

This body of water was built in 1936–1940 and covers an area of 250 hectares. In the past, it served as a water reservoir as well as a source of electric power. Lined by vast woods along both sides, the reservoir is suitable for swimming and water sports as well as for hiking and cycling. In winter, the frozen lake makes an ideal location for skiers and skaters alike.

Veveří Castle, which towers on a cliff above the water, is a popular destination and the Brno Zoo is another attraction located not far from the dam.

The Brno Public Transport Authority operates several boats that travel between the wharf in Bystrc and Veverská Bítýška.

The area around the water has numerous summer houses, guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, and cosy pubs, and the water itself is lined with beaches featuring children’s playgrounds and sports areas and offering boat, paddle boat, and paddleboard rentals.

One of Brno’s largest annual events, the Ignis Brunensis fireworks competition, takes place here in May and June, with fireworks launched from a floating dock on the water.

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