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Do you remember how happy it made you to play games as a child? Now you can recapture that joy as an adult, and Brno offers many opportunities. Set out with friends or colleagues to enjoy adventures and excitement.

Brno through games – that’s what keeps Brno running. It all got started with TMOU (BY DARK). A team night game connected with finding your way through the city and terrain and solving demanding puzzles. A game which has helped Brno to become a Mecca for puzzlehunts and has paved the way for others, which you can play more often than once a year and are slightly easier, so everyone has a chance to play.

With these games, you can hunt the mystery of the Old Town Hall (Staré radnice), find a treasure in a labyrinth, take part in a battle for Brno, experience a dark blue adventure, meet the Phantom of Brno, solve the mammoth problem, touch evolution, and conquer Fort VIDArd.

These are team games, usually for groups of 2–5 players, made for adults to play. But kids in secondary school can still enjoy them, and there are also games designed for families with kids. Most of the games require a smartphone. They help to develop your creativity, communication, and teamwork, but mostly they’re fun and bring new experiences. What are you waiting for? Choose one!

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