Phantom of Brno (Fantom Brna)

  • Follow the trail of a phantom

  • Unexpected adventures

  • 11 tasks and 2 puzzles

What truths are hidden in legends?

Who created the stories you think of now as legends? The Phantom of Brno! Can you solve his mystery? “Are you ready to uncover the truths I’ve hidden in the legends you tell your kids?

“I’ve walked in the mud during rainy medieval nights, watching from roofs as nobles battle in the streets. I have treasures guarded by demons in bottomless dungeons. I’ve been an artist whisperer, the lord of fighters, and the last comfort to the dying during the Black Plague. I’m still waiting for you!

“Seek out my hiding places. Experience adventures you’ve only heard of. And uncover my true name!”

The game is mainly for adults in teams of 2–5 players, but kids 10 and older can also take part. The trail is a circle that starts and ends at Dům umění města Brna (Brno House of Arts). You’ll need the game brochure, a fully charged smartphone connected to the internet, paper, and a pencil. The game was put together by Cryptomania s.r.o.

Entrance fee

1 200 CZK

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