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  • Active team fun for 60 minutes

  • The best-rated escape room in Brno

  • Various rooms for kids and adults

Save Brno, experience a hangover in Brno, or find Dracula’s heart.

Have a free afternoon or evening and want some real fun with a group of friends? Just choose one of the rooms at Smart Escape Room and test your intelligence, logical thinking, and cooperative skills.

Several challenges await you right in the centre of Brno. One is SAVE BRNO! – an unbelievably real game where your goal is to discover which of Brno’s monuments terrorists are targeting and create a plan to stop them.

Prefer fun times? Then pick PARTY IN BRNO where you’ll see with your own eyes how a wild party that you’ll be a part of can look, and especially can end up. But take care! Our PARTY involves all vices, so it’s not suitable for small kids.

Like getting scared? It’s clear from the name of THE HEART OF DRACULA that you’ll get drawn into a mystery hidden in the corners of Transylvania. Peek into Count Dracula’s coffin and discover everything that can haunt your dreams.

Think we’re alone here? You might be very wrong. TOP SECRET is the name of a game and the folder whose contents should never have been seen by the public. Now it’s up to you to gather all the evidence before “the others” can destroy it.

  • Each game has its own location:

SAVE BRNO: 3rd floor, Špitálka 16, 602 00 Brno

THE HEART OF DRACULA : Špitálka 12, 602 00 Brno

PARTY IN BRNO and TOP SECRET : Kozí 4, 602 00 Brno

Opening hours

Monday—Sunday from 9 till 22, with the latest entry at 21

Entrance fee

Entrace fee from 1190 to 1290 CZK

Address and contact

777 961 440

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