By Dark (Tmou)

  • Through terrain at night with demanding puzzles

  • For the best, most clever, most resilient

  • Every year in November

The legendary Brno night “fight”.

Tmou (By Dark) is a team night game connected with finding your way through the city and terrain and solving demanding puzzles. A game which has helped Brno to become a Mecca for puzzlehunts. It is a regular November challenge for dozens of five-player teams, of which only a few will reach the end. Teams must battle the cold November night, various adventures, and encrypted messages which, after their cypher is broken, reveal the path to take. Only the best, the brightest, and the most resilient reach the end. Those who don’t give up after hours of gloom and despair. Those who have wits and a bit of luck.

Like challenges? Want to experience the atmosphere of a forest with blinking head torches and the miracle of solving puzzles at daybreak? Accept the challenge and register! The game is for players 18 and older. Given the physical and mental difficulties, it’s not suitable for younger players.


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