Moravian Manchester (Moravský Manchester)

  • 3 hours spent in places you normally wouldn’t visit

  • 20 families you may not have heard of

  • 8 tasks that tell an excellent story

Travel back with us to the time which sewed Brno onto the map of Europe and discover stories woven from cloth and corduroy.

Bring your friends along and experience quite an adventure!

The city of Brno used to be called the Austrian or Moravian Manchester, and this nickname was used with respect frequently in textile factories of Brno as well as outside Europe or at industry trade fairs all over the world. This era was born in the second half of the 18th century when a certain wealthy citizen of Brno came up with an idea to establish a textile manufactory.

And this small idea from a small town grew to become quite a phenomenon. The heart of Brno soon started to beat to the rhythm of weaving looms. Thanks to favourable conditions, a healthy amount of risk-taking, determination as well as courage and surely quite a lot of luck, the Brno textile businessmen soon caught up with the world. And what’s more, they kept coming up with new ideas and technical innovations, showing the way. Offermann, Tugendhat, Köffiller… Come discover their world with us!

Entrance fee

Price : 1200 CZK

Address and contact

Informační centrum To je Brno, Panenská 1, Brno - střed

+ 420 773 723 443

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