An enchanting true story from Brno

Tamás Vígh was born in southern Slovakia to a family of florists, dealing in this profession for as many as four generations. Even though he moved to Brno for his studies, Tamás never forgot about his roots and keeps importing roses from their family’s fields to make his TAMASVIGH | TAMASVIGH – Floristický ateliér shop a true oasis of beauty in downtown Brno.

Brno is full of inspiration

Tamás draws his greatest inspiration from friends who have inseparable ties to the city. For him, the beauty of any city is reflected in the people there doing interesting things. He also tries to incorporate Brno’s varied architecture, music, and rich culture that are all deeply rooted here.

Harmony matters

Brno is overflowing inspirational cultural and social events. Sometimes, though, Tamás needs to relax, detach, and seek that inspiration outside the pulsing rhythm of the city. And that’s when he likes to the countryside surrounding Brno, such as the hills near Bílovice nad Svitavou or Moravian Karst (Moravský kras) and, if he’s short on time, a quick walk to Lužánky park in early evenings can be just as good. It’s the harmony of nature and culture that helps Tamás keep his creative energy flowing.

Quiet, green Brno

Brno is full of ideas, and Tamás, being an experienced florist, admires the new elongated flowerbeds of perennial plants along Poříčí and Dornych Streets. Blossoming year round, they always offer something interesting to see. And Tamás’s favourite spot is on the stairs below Bishop’s Courtyard (Biskupský dvůr) at Capuchin Square (Kapucínské náměstí). Not many would guess that a place like this, in the shadow of famous, sacred buildings, could be a true oasis of quiet.

Get lost in the crowd

Wherever you go, there’s always someone new and interesting to come across in Brno, so Tamás recommends exploring more of the city, away from the tourist paths and attractions. Simply turn off your phone and wander up and down the side streets in the residential neighbourhoods. Sure, you may get lost for a while but the local people will help you discover much more than a guide might tell you.


Tamás Vígh

And what does Brno awaken in you?

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