Big things are coming to Brno. A true story!

Some Brnoers (Brnians?) know his face from the barber’s chair. Others have seen him performing behind a synth, not holding scissors but a trumpet. Tom Holič enjoys both these roles in equal measure. Everything he does, in fact, he does wholeheartedly. Which here in Brno is a pretty normal state of affairs.

Brno in music. Music in Brno

Few in the Brno club scene have lasted as long or been as successful as Tom. The city formed him and has etched itself into his music. It’s no wonder, then, that performing at local events is what Tom appreciates best. He knows how to make his Brno audience happy, and loves it when the people he plays for are the same guys he makes music with.

Community, community, always community!

In Brno, community tends to play a role in every new phenomena. Things rise from the ground up. When you’re putting together an event, you count on your friends and acquaintances to come along. And, as Tom says, thanks to that everything is authentic, which in turn means it’s sincere and the quality is high. The price of admission means nothing.

Legendary festivals and clubs

Once upon a time, one such community welcomed and transformed Tom. The sporty teen who would visit discos with friends gradually became a musical figure. Playing an undeniable role in this transformation were people from kino Art and Fléda, the latter venue being where Tom got to hear German deep house for the first time at the fabled Magion party. Then along came cult festivals and clubs like Skleněná louka, Muah, and Kabinet múz, which Tom adores to this day.

Nostalgia vs the future

Although Brno awakens nostalgic feelings in Tom, he can also clearly see the city’s huge future potential. After a short period of relative quiet, he thinks the city’s musical soul is starting to stir once more. Evidence is the recent world-class festival Pop Messe, through which the city sent out a rallying signal to everyone who wants to create modern, high-quality dramaturgy.

It doesn’t stop with Pop Messe

Brno is alive with contemporary music. From regular events at Špilberk, through clubs such as Exit, and to newly emerging platforms like the multifunctional space Fratelli Tutti, for example. At its opening, Tom apparently relived the atmosphere of the legendary Muahu club – an atmosphere to make your hair stand on end.

Hear it with your own ears

If Tom were to recommend anything to visitors, it would be to get to know Brno’s music scene in person. It’s a small but welcoming community with a relaxed atmosphere, and, most of all, distinctive and progressive performers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be taking away more than just a superb cultural experience from Brno, you might also come back bearing one of Tom’s similarly fine haircuts.


Tom Holič

And what does Brno awaken in you?

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