Traditions you’ll fall in love with

Traditions in a big city? Anything’s possible in Brno! The entire region of South Moravia is steeped in folklore and Brno is no exception. The city’s long history of classical music add to its already rich culture. After all, this is where Leoš Janáček drew inspiration for and composed his world-renowned melodies. We can find traditions in various local municipalities which still hold, or even recreate what used to be local village feasts, together with other customs. And local folk ensembles as well as tunes played by dulcimer bands remind us of them. We can find them at the bottom of a glass of wine in any of the many local wine bars.


Take in the authentic local atmosphere with us!

Traditions kept alive in music and dance

Ondráš, the Military Artistic Ensemble, is one Brno’s many unique jewels. The only professional ensemble of its kind, it has been active since 1957. Just like lots of other Brno ensembles, its repertoire is not bound to the local region but works with folklore from all over what was once Czechoslovakia. After all, a lot of young people from all over the country come study in Brno and enjoy reminiscing on their home regions.

The brilliant musician from South Moravia

Globally renowned composer Leoš Janáček spent most of his life in Brno. He merged the roots of his music with the folk music he to studied and collected. Who knows what his music would have sounded like if he hadn’t been born in Moravia…

Wine like nowhere else

Visit one of the many wine bars to enjoy a glass of liquid sunshine. As much as 96% of all the wine produced in the Czech Republic comes from South Moravia. Moravian wines are a true national treasure, receiving silver and even gold medals all over the world.

No worries. At all

Smooth rows of vineyards, sunlit fields, picturesque villages, wild nature, UNESCO sights, delicious food, Moravian hospitality. On foot, by car, or by bike.

Sing and dance as much as you like

Customs and traditions are kept alive in every village in South Moravia. Travel outside Brno to discover and experience the legacy of our predecessors.