Vibrant downtown will warm you up

The centre is a small village inside a large city. A place where no one sleeps and where locals really live. Squares full of seasonal vegetables and fruit, mobile cafes, restaurants’ winter gardens that transform into summer ones, and šaliny (trams) that connect everything within this 2 km2 area.


What’s up in Brno? Experience the local laidback atmosphere.

 “For 2022, we think Brno’s the second best European destination for a city break.” ”

Time Out magazine

Brno is friendly

not only to the locals, as a growing number of foreigners keep finding their way here.

Life’s more fun on a full stomach

In the city centre everyone will find something to their taste.

Always something going on

Fun in Brno every day!


Night buses: a Brno phenomenon

Every hour on the hour, and sometimes even every thirty minutes, special night buses meet at the Main Station to take passengers all over the city and beyond. In Brno, we’re simply closer to each other. Not sure which bus to get on and when? Just check the night timetable!