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  • Jurkovič House

    Jurkovič House

    The Jurkovič House is among the many fine examples of architecture created in Brno around the beginning of the 20th century.


    One of the most important places linked to the life and work of the famous composer
  • Špilberk Castle

    Špilberk Castle

    The castle was founded in the middle of 13th century by the Czech king Přemysl Otakar II. In the middle of 14th century under the reign of Jan Jindřich and…
  • Veveří Castle

    Veveří Castle

    The surroundings of the Brno Dam with forests and many attractive nooks are an ideal destination for hikers and cyclists. One of the most popular places is…
  • Villa Tugendhat

    Villa Tugendhat

    The only examplar of Modern architecture in the Czech Republic recorded on the UNESCO
  • Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

    Gothic cathedral, noon bells and diocesan museum
  • Dietrichstein Palace

    Dietrichstein Palace

    In one of the permanent exhibitions of the Moravian Museum situated in Dietrichstein Palace in the Vegetable Market you will find remarkable displays…
  • Moravian Gallery - Governor’s Palace

    Moravian Gallery - Governor’s Palace

    Thanks to its architectonic design the Governor’s Palace ranks among the most remarkable buildings in Brno
  • Stiassni Villa

    Stiassni Villa

    The villa on an extensive plot occupying a slope in Pisárky was designed by architect Ernst Wiesner in 1927 for Alfred Stiassny, an important textile…
  • The Mitrovskych summer pavilion

    The Mitrovskych summer pavilion

    The Villa was built by Freeman Antonín Arnošt Mitrovský next to the Augustinian cloister at the end of the 18th century (1779-1794), in the fashionable…
  • Mincmistrovský sklep (Mintmaster’s cellar)

    Mincmistrovský sklep (Mintmaster’s cellar)

    One of the oldest monuments of Brno
  • The Ossuary of St. James’ Church

    The Ossuary of St. James’ Church

    "Kostnice u sv. Jakuba" is the second largest ossuary in Europe!
  • Exhibition Centre

    Exhibition Centre

    The complex that was the biggest and most modern exhibition centre in pre-war Czechoslovakia in terms of its size and urban design, up to the present day…
  • Utility tunnels of Brno

    Utility tunnels of Brno

    The city-owned company Technické sítě Brno, a.s. offers guided tours in utility tunnels within the framework of a project entitled Brněnské technické…
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