Moravian Library (Moravská zemská knihovna)

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  • General and specialised library collections

  • Close to five faculties of Brno universities

  • Winner of Construction of the Year in 2001

Study rooms are open for registered readers from May 19.

The second-largest library in the Czech Republic

The beginnings of the Moravian Library are not related to any public institution but to a private library of Moravskoslezská společnost pro podporu zemědělství, přírodoznalectví a vlastivědu (the Moravian-Silesian Society for Development of Ploughing, Natural Sciences and Natural History and Geography). It was founded either in 1806 or in 1808, depending on which sources you choose to believe. The Moravian Library serves as a regional library, established by the Czech Ministry of Culture. It contains a general library collection complemented by specialised collections; also, it serves as permanent storage for conservational and historical collections. Besides its services as a library, it participates in the social life of the city and organizes a number of educational, as well as cultural events for the public.

In 1995, an invitation to tender was issued for a design of the new building of the library. It was then built in an ‘academic neighborhood’, and in 2001 the new building opened to the public. The building of the Moravian Library won the Construction of 2001 Award ‘for creating a cultural and scientific centre of high constructional and architectural quality while focusing on a comfortable, user-friendly environment’.

Opening hours

You can order the books via catalogue and borrow them from the “loan window”. Study rooms are closed.

Address and contact

Kounicova 65a
601 87 Brno

541 646 201

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In connection to the decision by the National Security Council regarding the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), some of the events may be canceled until further notice. You can monitor the current situation at the websites of individual organizers. Thank you for your understanding.…