Brno Centre Geotrail – Pellicova – using local materials for walls

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  • Fifht station of geotrail

  • Red conglomerate - one of the materials typically used in Brno

By the end of Pellicova street, you might notice a wall made of striking red and purple stones. You can also see them on the walls by the footpath leading up Špilberk or along Husova street. These walls are composed mostly of red conglomerate mined on Červený kopec to the south-west of the city centre, which is one of the materials typically used in Brno (you can find it in the Špilberk walls, the walls of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul as mentioned above, the remnants of the city walls on Husova street, and the Romanesque crypt on Petrov). In addition to conglomerate, you’ll find grey limestone from Hády, red-grey granodiorite, and dark metabasalt – even ordinary walls offer a glimpse of the diversity of building material from Brno and its close surroundings.

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