Let our accommodation spoil you.

Looking to visit Brno? Whether it’s with just a backpack or gilded suitcases, you’ll find the perfect place for your tastes. Save some money to spend on great experiences and try one of our famous, themed hostels. For a truly unforgettable night in Brno, book a room in a former fallout shelter or authentic hospital. Or get pampered in a luxury wellness hotel. Or you can go the playful route and wake up your passions in the country’s only roleplay hotel.


Instead of Prague, Brno

The Moravian metropolis differs from the capital mainly in its calm atmosphere not overcrowded by tourists. During long weekends in Brno, you’ll have enough time to drink it all in with a few gulps. It’s enough to please your taste buds in unique food establishments, get lost in the mysterious underground, discover the variety of all 4 Brno villas, and visit one of the theatres and galleries. You can enjoy each of your evenings at a different original bar, where you’ll find out why they’re all so popular among locals.