True story about curiousness in Brno

Šárka Divácká comes from Prague, studied at a technical school, and has spent a long time cooking only meats and sauces. None of this prevented her from opening a confectionery in Brno, though. And it’s a great success! Mainly thanks to the support of local people who aren’t afraid to try new things. In Brno, there’s always a lot to discover.

Delicious experiment

Brno is an ideal place for those who like to do things differently. Originality is appreciated here, so when Šárka started to bake cakes with onion, caraway seeds, or beans, people were quick to notice. She never meant to shock anyone; she was just curious to see what people would think of them. Well, they LOVED them and Šárka’s cakes quickly became the talk of the town.

Adrenalin in the kitchen, fun at the table

Baking brings a lot of adrenalin into Šárka’s life. She never knows how certain ingredients will behave, and customer satisfaction her #1 priority. She likes to say going to a restaurant isn’t just about the food and she compares it to going to a theatre. Good food and good company go hand in hand, so enjoy the jokes of the waiters.

A great city for gourmets

Ramen from Brno Ramen, shakshuka in 4pokoje, or fried cheese at the Brno Dam. This is just a short list of meals that are so good you could eat them again and again, especially because they’re so close! Don’t be afraid to taste new things. As Šárka confirms, a true gourmet experience can come from the most unexpected places!

 Go crazy in Brno

What does a true experience of Brno look like? A bit like a moss cake with crickets on top—simply bizarre. At first you’re not excited at all, but by the end you’ll be telling all your friends about it. Šárka recommends having a drink with the locals at Saint James’s square and then going for an adventure on the city’s night buses!