Landmarks you’ll actually enjoy

Nearly everyone has heard of Špilberk castle, Petrov, and Villa Tugendhat, the only modern architecture site in the Czech Republic on the UNESCO list. But you may be surprised to hear that people used to call Brno “Moravian Manchester” or that it’s often referred to as the Mecca of Czech modern architecture (and quite rightfully). Discover its charm, find local jewels of functionalism, and get enchanted by their progressive design, minimalism, and elegance. And you can even explore the Brno underground! Less is always more in Brno.


Brno sights are full of life!

“The immense value of Villa Tugendhat lies in its simplicity“

The Guardian

Funkcionalistická Vila Tugendhat v Brně, památka UNESCO.

Get to know the Brno architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries

Legendary functionalist jewels as well as hidden treasures – that’s the architecture of Brno built from the last hundred years.

Discover modern architecture on your own with the Brno Architecture Manual, available for free.

“Less is more.”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Discover Moravian Manchester and Brno INdustrial

Some buildings and, mainly, strong stories carry on the legacy of Brno’s rich industrial past.

The many faces of the Brno underground

  • Breath-taking water reservoirs beneath Yellow Hill (Žlutý kopec)
  • Authentic, raw Denis fallout shelter
  • Ossuary at the Church of Saint James, a place of reverence
  • Family-friendly labyrinth under the Vegetable Market (Labyrint pod Zelným trhem) with an escape room
  • Traditional Mintmaster’s Cellar (Mincmistrovský sklep)
  • Top secret 10-Z bunker
  • Mysterious lapidarium and the Temple of Stone (Chrám kamene)

Must-see spots in Brno: From hill to hill, from towers to the underground 

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