Moravian Gallery in Brno (Moravská galerie v Brně)

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  • Manages five architecturally renowned buildings

  • Exceptional for its wide range of activities

  • Prestigious International Biennial of Graphic Design

Open again from May 12!

The second-largest art museum in the Czech Republic

The history of the Moravian Gallery in Brno dates back to 1818, when it was first established as Františkovo muzeum (the Francis Museum). From the very beginning, it contained a picture gallery.

The extensive range of the museum’s activities sets it apart from similar institutions. It is the only museum in the Czech Republic that takes an interest in all forms across the artistic spectrum: it works with the traditional fine arts as well as photography, applied arts, graphic design, and architecture. It also serves as a research institution.

The museum presents Czech art in the European context in both permanent short-term exhibitions. Of these, the International Biennial of Graphic Design, first held in 1963, has the strongest global impact.

The exhibitions are accompanied by a varied range of events, which place a special focus on children, both individually and in organised groups. The gallery has also established collections of art for the blind and visually impaired and similar exhibition projects – this is further proof of how open-minded the gallery is.

The Moravian Gallery in Brno administers five architecturally noteworthy buildings: Pražákův palác (the Pražák Palace)Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum (the Museum of Applied Arts), Místodržitelský palác (the Governor’s Palace), and Jurkovičova vila (the Jurkovič House). In cooperation with the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, it also manages Rodný dům Josefa Hoffmanna (the Josef Hoffmann Museum) in Brtnice u Jihlavy.

Opening hours

Open again from May 12!
Different opening hours of buildings

Entrance fee

Free admission to selected areas in the buildings for everybody.

Address and contact

Husova 18
66226 Brno

+420 532 169 111

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In connection to the decision by the National Security Council regarding the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), some of the events may be canceled until further notice. You can monitor the current situation at the websites of individual organizers. Thank you for your understanding.…