Grammar school (now a vocational school)

  • Where Mendel lectured on physics and biology

  • Presented results of plant hybrid experiments here

  • Memorial plaque by sculptor Nikos Armutidis

The first lecture on genetics could have been given here

This three-storey Renaissance Revival building with a monumental staircase was built based on a design by the Viennese architect Ludwig Förster. Mendel taught at this school for 14 years, from 1854 to 1868, before being elected abbot of the Abbey of St Thomas. He taught physics and biology here as a substitute teacher. It was a new type of school focusing on natural sciences and technical disciplines. Its graduates contributed to the development of industry not only in Moravia but throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This is the building where Mendel prepared the findings from his experiments before presenting them to his academic peers.

Mendel was said to be very popular among his colleagues and students. He was respected for his excellent teaching methods. Mendel’s classes here are commemorated with a memorial plaque by sculptor Nikos Armutidis.

Address and contact

Jánská 22
60200 Brno

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