Cinema City Velký Špalíček

  • The Velký Špalíček multiplex opened in August 2001

  • One of the best multiplexes in the Czech Republic

  • Equipped with top screening and audio technology

Seven screening rooms in the very centre of Brno

The cinema’s location in the centre of Brno makes it a great addition to the city’s already extensive offer of leisure time activities. In late 2014, the cinema was completely reconstructed and is now one of the most advanced multiplexes in the country.

It is often used for premiere parties and other cultural events. All seven rooms are fully digitised with a total capacity of 1,398 seats. Film enthusiasts can choose from a wide selection of coffee, drinks, and other refreshments there as well.

The Cinema City is equipped with quality screening technology that ensures a sharp and clear image. It boasts excellent Dolby audio technology with crystal-clear and well-balanced sound.

Address and contact

Mečová 695/2
60200 Brno

+420 255 742 021

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