Bauer Chateau (Bauerův zámeček)

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  • A two-storey building with a classicist facade

  • Spacious balcony above the main entrance

  • Former dining room now serves as a ceremonial hall

The chateau is the oldest building at the exhibition grounds

Built at the beginning of the 19th century, this chateau was a part of the sugar refinery property owned by tycoon Mořic Bauer. Beginning in 1911, his property was managed by his grandson, Viktor Bauer. A few years later, the family property, known as ‘Bauerova rampa’ (Bauer’s Ramp), was sold as part of a forced sale in preparation for new buildings at the exhibition grounds. The family kept the chateau, however, and in 1925 Viktor Bauer asked Adolf Loos to remodel the interior. Among other things, Loos designed the marble panelling in the dining room and a figural stucco strip. This interior is the only preserved work by Loos in Brno, his hometown.

This classicist building, located in the south-western part of the property, became a part of the exhibition grounds after World War II once it was expropriated on the basis of the Beneš decrees.

Address and contact

Výstaviště 405/1

+420 541 151 111

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Bauer’s Chateau

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