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  • A major icon of the Brno exhibition grounds

  • A circular pavilion, 120 metres in diameter

  • The building symbolises technological progress

The monumental cupola dominates the western panorama

The pavilion was built in 1958 and 1959 as the largest structure within the construction wave of preparations for the First International Engineering Fair. The building was designed by architects Zdeněk Denk, Zdeněk Pospíšil, Milan Steinhauser, Zdeněk Alexa, Ferdinand Lederer, and Jiří Špaček. The roof structure, made of spiral-shaped tubes, was designed by Ferdinand Lederer. The complete steel structure has a span of over 90 metres. It took four cranes to lift and place it on the ferroconcrete perimeter ring. This impressive building was the largest exhibition hall in Czechoslovakia at the time it was built.

Address and contact

Výstaviště 405/1
60300 Brno

+420 541 151 111

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