Adam Čekač (Václav Sigurson Kostohryz)

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  • The smallest statue in Brno

  • On the clock at Česká

  • You‘ll never again have to wait alone under the clock

The iconic location under the clock, where Brno residents often meet, has undergone a tiny change with enormous significance. Now, you’ll never again have to wait alone under the clock at Česká… Clockmaker Jan Kopřiva repaired the clock, and the bronze sculpture Waiting Adam, the smallest statue in Brno, by sculptor Václav Sigurson Kostohryz was added.

The bronze sculpture was made using the lost wax method, where a wax model is used as a unique original to cast a metal sculpture. Václav Sigurson created it with his own money and then offered to lend it to the clock’s owner, the Brno diocese of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, for free. One thing led to another, and now the tiny statue keeps people all waiting at Česká company.

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