Under the Crocodile (Pod krokodýlem) Information Centre

Opening hours

Monday 08:30—18:00

Tuesday 08:30—18:00

Wednesday 08:30—18:00

Thursday 08:30—18:00

Friday 08:30—18:00

Saturday 09:00—18:00

Sunday 09:00—18:00

Address and contact

Both visitors and locals can connect to the internet, get important information, and purchase city guides, maps, souvenirs, and tickets to various events. You can arrange for a guided tour of any of our attractions, and book accommodation at an interesting hotel. A new bookshop was recently added to the centre, offering books about the city as well as books from authors who call Brno home.

The information centre at 8 Radnická Street is open year-round, seven days a week. It holds the A.T.I.C.’s A-level classification for a superior range and quality of services.