Technical Monuments – Vlněna and Mosilana

  • Almost all of the Vlněna buildings were knocked down

  • The Mosilana grounds still offers a unique industrial experience

In the 1950s, all Brno textile mills were gradually nationalized and closed down or incorporated into one of two national enterprises, Vlněna or Mosilana.

The consolidation of previously competing and isolated businesses led to the creation of an interesting factory complex with an unusual structure over the Svitava Canal. While almost all of the Vlněna buildings among Přízova, Mlýnská, and Dornych streets were knocked down in 2016 (the Nová Vlněna campus arose in their place), the Mosilana grounds among Křenová, Vlhká, and Cejl streets is accessible during the day with the porter’s permission and still offers a unique industrial experience.

Modern companies currently operate in the maze of production buildings in the location of the former Sdružené továrny vlněného zboží, Hecht weaving mill, and company of Max Kohn and Gustav Schiketanz, pioneers in the Brno textile industry.

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Křenová 19

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