Technical Monuments – Brno bridges and footbridges

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  • Railway arch viaduct in Obřany

  • Tram bridge over the Brno Exhibition Centre

  • Footbridge over the reservoir

Over rivers, roads, valleys, and railway tracks in Brno run dozens of bridges for cars, trains, and pedestrians. This is a selection of the five most interesting Brno bridges:

Tram bridge over the Brno Exhibition Centre (1965) – an elegant, asymmetric bridge bent in every direction

Railway arch viaduct in Obřany (1952) – this stone arch bridge was originally to be decorated with statues

Footbridge over the reservoir (2003) – built under Veveří Castle in place of a bridge destroyed in 1945 by the German Army

Arched tram bridge in Maloměřice (1928) – a reinforced concrete bridge that was the only bridge in Brno to survive World War II

Footbridge over Maloměřice railway station (1981) – a four-km footbridge offering a view of the shunting yard from a height of 12 m

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