Slavia Hotel and Leoš Janáček

  • Art Nouveau hotel with a Czech National Café

  • Former offices for several Czech interest clubs

  • Russophile Janáček visited the Russian Circle

Prominent Czechs from Brno used to meet at the Slavia Hotel

The Art Nouveau Slavia Hotel was opened in 1899 by the Czech patriot Karel Moravec and soon became famous and popular among the Czech cultural elite of Brno. Národní kavárna (the National Café), located on the ground floor, made various books, newspapers, and magazines available.

Important people from Brno and members of several clubs, such as National Unity, the Czechoslovak Travelling Salesmen Association, and the Skiers’ Association, whose chair was writer Jiří Mahen, used to meet there. Leoš Janáček attended readings of the Russian Circle, as he was the co-founder and an enthusiastic member. Janáček’s daughter Olga was also an active member of the Russian Circle.

Address and contact

Solniční 17
60200 Brno

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