Central Cemetery (Ústřední hřbitov) and Mendel

  • Site of the world-famous scientist’s grave

  • Mendel’s Requiem Mass conducted by Leoš Janáček

  • Cemetery opened two months before Mendel’s death

Mendel died after a brief illness in 1884 at the age of 61

The Requiem Mass took place in the Augustinian church and was conducted by Leoš Janáček. Mendel was buried at the Central Cemetery in the Augustinian tomb.

During his life, Mendel only won the recognition of his fellow scientists in being appointed as the chair of Přírodozkumný spolek (the Biology Club) in Brno. His contribution to biology was not fully appreciated until the beginning of the 20th century after his work was translated into English.

The Central Cemetery was established in Vídeňská Street, according to a design by Alois Prastorfer, and ceremoniously opened in 1883. It became a public cemetery for all the city inhabitants, regardless of religion, social status, nationality, race, or the parish they belonged to. The ceremonial hall from 1927, designed by the architects Bohuslav Fuchs and Josef Polášek, is exceptionally interesting architecturally, and it was equipped with the latest technologies of its time.

Address and contact

Vídeňská 94
63900 Brno

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