Water feature (Tomáš Pavlacký a Michael Gabriel)

  • Refreshment for both your eyes and body

  • A water feature with an optical illusion

  • Symbolism of famous smoking pipes in Brno

Three bronze sculptures installed at Dominican Square in front of the New Town Hall are symbols of a seemingly never-ending piping, making use of the form of flattened cones.

The sculpture won the art competition held by Brno in 2021. The square was reconstructed in 2018. The winning design was created by Tomáš Pavlacký and Michael Gabriel. The authors claim that, among other things, the water feature creates fog to draw away heat while the sound of flowing water pleasantly refreshes the whole place. All this is remote controlled and may be adjusted to current weather or various special occasions.

The three bronze cones (1.4, 1.8, and 2.4 meters tall, weighing 200, 450, and 1,000 kilograms) were cast in the Ještědský bronz foundry in Mníšek u Liberce, a place sought-after by artists all over Europe for its top-quality production and perfectly crafted casts.

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